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$15 eReader coming to rural India?

I'm rather embarrassed to admit that I bought one of the first large screen Kindles at the now seemingly ridiculous price of $500. As of today, Kindles go for just $114, and while the iPad 2 is still at $500, it offers alot more than just eReading. But even the current Kindle and similarly priced devices do not make eBooks accessible to low-income consumers, half of the world's population living on less than US$4 per day. That's 3.5 billion people... many of whom desperately want a chance to better their lot through literacy and education.


Imagine my surprise when I first read about a US$35 eReader planned for the Indian market... Then, a few weeks ago, one of my MBA students from India mentioned the likelihood of a US$15 eReader that would target rural Indian households. Now if only these tablets were produced in an environmentally sensitive way, we get another glimpse of what it might be like to meet the needs of everyone sustainably.

To read about the $35 eReader project, see http://goodereader.com/blog/tablet-slates/heres-a-tablet-from-india-that-costs-just-35/